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Charles Barkley Starting Lineup Collectible Figurine Houston Rockets

Charles Barkley Starting Lineup Collectible Figurine Houston Rockets

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Relive the glory days of NBA legend Charles Barkley with this officially licensed Starting Lineup Collectible Figurine featuring him in his Houston Rockets uniform!

This meticulously crafted figurine captures Barkley's iconic stance and powerful physique, showcasing his signature moves and unwavering determination on the court. The figurine features Barkley's trademark bald head, prominent jawline, and intense expression, perfectly embodying his fiery personality and relentless spirit.


  • Officially Licensed Starting Lineup Collectible: Own a piece of NBA history with this authentic Starting Lineup figurine.
  • Detailed Sculpture and Realistic Features: Admire the figurine's intricate details, capturing Barkley's signature look and basketball prowess.
  • Houston Rockets Uniform: Display Barkley in his classic Houston Rockets jersey, commemorating his time with the franchise.
  • Collectible Display Piece: Add this valuable figurine to your basketball collection or showcase it as a striking centerpiece in your home.



  • Honor Charles Barkley's Legacy: Celebrate the remarkable career of one of the NBA's most iconic players.
  • Expand Your Basketball Memorabilia Collection: Acquire a unique and sought-after collectible that captures Barkley's legendary status.
  • Relive Excitement of Barkley's Era: Relive the thrilling moments of Barkley's dominance on the court and his impact on the NBA.
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